A Wulffish, the fiercest Czech puppet, is emerging from the sea waves. And it is really hungry. Fortunately, the Japanese Little Red Riding Hood is not a naive little girl and her granny is not a master of martial arts without cause. What will their encounter be like? It is as clear as day that it will not be a classical fairy tale. You can expect a fight in the rap rhythm with really catchy songs.


Wolfish: Hello, I feel like gobbling up an elderly freak

I wouldn´t like to look too meek

So I hope I don´t look as meek as a lamb

Look, this is my throat and these are my fangs.


Nori Sawa´s latest performance rushes in where angels fear to tread. He has made a street performance for children, which introduces a six-metre creature half-wolf half-fish = wolfish. The 30-minute performance consists of puppet theatre, live singing and acrobatics. And it is not only for lovers of sea, big puppets, good songs and somersaults.


Theatre NoriSawa

Pop-up company, which was established in 2013in cooperationof the new performance The Art of Being Invisible: Wulffish. Besides director Nori Sawa the group consists of actors excited for large puppets, Kuba Gottwald, Pavel Richta and Filip Šebšajevič, singer Iris Kristeková and actress/dancer Michala Hadušovská. Originally should play the role of grandmother Ira Andreeva from Teatr Novogo Fronta, but unfortunately the wounded herself, so that contributed mainly by choreography. For a fabulous musical composed the music incredible pianist David Hlaváč and lyrics Jakub Folvarčný.