How does it feel inside a Wolf's stomach? Or what happens when three little pigs run into a wolf who knows hara-kiri? Do you know the sad story of A Little Mermaid?

...Nori shows classic fairytales in a beautiful, nostalgic and strangely

twisted way. And he also brings us his original modern fairytales like "Stars", "Sky", "A Fish" and many others. All pieces are very entertaining and shining like different kinds of jewels in a dark night. Nori uses puppets, masks, light, shadows, music and his body to create the story on stage.


"His fusion of the Japanese and Czech approaches to puppet theatre creates a unique creature that slowly emerges, spreads its wings, and flies away."

"Noriyuki is so amiable that I felt like I was a member of a small community and he was our village's favorite entertainer."