Nori Sawa started his professional career in Europe in 1992, selected by The Cultural Ministry of the Japanese Government. Now he lives in Prague and often travels between Japan and Czech republic.

Nori performed in more than 25 countries. Every year he is a guest on different festivals in Europe, Asia and America. In his work he is using inspiration from classical literature like Shakespeare or Chekhov and creating his own versions of Macbeth, King Lear or Cherry Orchard. Another of his performances are based on Japanese legends like Kaguya, Ninja or Fisherman Urashima. Some performances are for adults, some for children, all are nonverbal using puppets, masks, movements and music.

Nori taught courses and instructed workshops in many schools and festivals, like Theatre Faculty of AMU, Prague; Stanford University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, USA; London Puppetry School and so on. Target group for his workshops is wide, from small children over young and old professionals to seniors.

He is member of UNIMA (International Union of Puppetry) and holder of "Medal of Franz Kafka" (1999). Nori has one daughter named Marie and many suitcases full of puppets.


"His fusion of the Japanese and Czech approaches to puppet theatre creates a unique creature that slowly emerges, spreads its wings, and flies away."

"Noriyuki is so amiable that I felt like I was a member of a small community and he was our village's favourite entertainer. "