A big flying dragoon in the street of the city. A long colorfull centipede lead by 5 people. "Big puppets" is an original workshop for children and adults. This workshop is more requirable that other Nori´s workshops - we need more time, material and bigger space than for other  workshops. This workshop could be organized as an intensive one day workshop (8-10 hours) or more (2-30 days). Almost every big puppet is designed to be manipulated by more than one manipulator, regulary by the group of 3 - 5 manipulators. The workshop could be finished by street parade and presentation of the puppets. We use different materials (textil, paper, plastic film etc.). Together with participants we can work on different topics. This workshop could be organized in combination of shadow puppet theatre workshop.

Photo of project The Art of Being Invisible - Wolfish (2013, CZ)